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The Bessie Tartt Wilson Initiative for Children (BTWIC) drives systems change in early education in Massachusetts that leads to greater access and quality of care for children in low-income households.

toddler graduation cap transparentDo you regularly care for young children as a relative or friend? Join us on June 6 at the UMass Boston Campus Center for a FREE informational conference! Topics will include:
– Health, Safety, and First Aid
– Literacy
– Playgroups

This conference is part of our “Informal Care” initiative, which you can learn about here.

Advice for Prospective College Students


Helping early education teachers improve their teaching skills.



An Early Educator’s Roadmap to a College Degree™ is a guide for early education providers who are working toward a college degree. Find advice and support for every step on the path to earning a degree. Visit the Roadmap now.

Nutrition Support for Young Children


Ensuring access to nutritious food at child care centers.


BTWIC is conducting a variety of research and outreach activities to identify solutions leading to greater access to healthier meals and snacks for children in early learning settings in Massachusetts. Read more about Eating to Learn.

informal care for homepage


Supporting every type of early childhood education and care.


The informal care sector plays an important role in the early education system, which currently lacks the capacity to care for all young children in formalized settings. BTWIC is leading the way in helping informal care providers. Learn about our action plan.

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